Great time for tomatoes


Raindrops form on cherry tomatoes at a farmers stall at a locally grown market in a city parking lot. Locally grown fruit and vegetables are a staple item at Ohio’s small farmers markets and are plentiful beginning in mid-June. See…

Teen girl on bicycle on country road

Young girl on a bicycle rides along a rough country road shrouded with trees and shadows.

Bicycle on country road Young girl on a bicycle rides along a rough country road shrouded with trees and shadows. Her shape creates a silhouette against the tunnel shape of the trees. Link to photo at Smalltown Stock. Link to…

Beehives protected in winter

Bee hives wrapped against winter cold.

Beehives wrapped in cold weather A trio of beehives on a small farm are wrapped against winter cold and protected by bales of hay as a beekeeper tries to keep his bees alive for summer feeding and honey production. The…

Westerville named Number One suburb in America

Westerville ranked number one suburb 2013-05-17-0023

Westerville OH is Number One suburb according to Movoto, a real estate blog that measures trends and activities in the housing market. Movoto had this to say about Westerville. “A town of 36,120, Westerville—a suburb of Columbus, OH—is one of…

Trimming trash trees for safety and beauty

Tree trimmer navigates way through silver maple

A tree trimmer begins to select the section of branches he will remove from a silver maple tree during a heavy pruning of the overgrown tree in a resident’s yard. Silver maples are fast growing trees but produce weak sections…

Police clean motorcycles

Police officers clean motorcycles after Cops and Kids Day

Reynoldsburg police officers clean their motorcycles of kids fingerprints and dirt following Cops and Kids Day, an event where children get to talk with officers, touch police equipment, and see safety equipment used by police and fire fighters. Available for…

Wild spearmint

Spearmint growing wild along the fcnceline of an abandoned farm.

Spearmint growing wild along the fence line of an abandoned farm. Licensing available at SmallTown Stock. Part of the Agriculture Stock Collection.

Last working farm in the city

Sam Bigham loads hay onto a trailer

Sam Bigham uses a well-worn hook to grab baled hay for loading onto a trailer on his Westerville, Ohio, farm. Bigham and his family have owned the farm since 1920 but is now selling it to a developer who will…

Walmart opens after 10 year controversy

First customer at Westerville Walmart

After 10 years of controversy and more than a year of construction the Walmart in Westerville Square opened with early morning ceremonies greeting first-time shoppers, city officials, and charities receiving $51,000 in oversize checks. The 88,000 square foot building replaces…

Non-GMO more prominent at farmers markets

No Chemicals and No GMO signage at farmers market

More farmers selling at local farmers markets are beginning to add signage noting their produce is non-GMO, pesticide free, and organic as consumers become more aware of the possible dangers of genetically modified organism and their use in food production.…

Vegetables ready for spring and summer seasons

Red and green peppers for sale at farmers market

Mother always said “Eat your vegetables.” She was right. There’s nothing more healthful than fresh vegetables as part of a healthy diet. filled with vitamins, minerals, and anti-toxins, a plate of steamed or grilled vegetables are a healthy treat and…

Farmers market bushel basket of vegetables

bushel basket with vegetables

Bushel basket from the Uptown Westerville Farmers Market is filled with fresh vegetables as the market season nears an end. In the basket are green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and corn. Part of the Agriculture Stock Collection at SmallTown Stock.

Soybean crop ripens

soybean crop

A selection of Ohio soybeans ripening for harvest. Forecasts for the 2012 crop indicate it will be smaller than previous years due to the summer heat and drought. Licensing at SmallTown Stock. See more Ohio Stock Photos from this day…