• Vegetables sold by a single farmer at the farmers market in Uptown Westerville.
    Fresh Vegetables At Farmers Market
  • The Mt. Carmel Survival Flight helicopter lifts off from the St. Ann's Hospital helipad after a public relations visit to the complex on Cleveland Avenue.
    Rescue Emergency Helicopter At Hospital
  • Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery
  • Kayakers enjoy the calm waters of Alum Creek moving through Westerville, Ohio, on n unusually mild August afternoon
    Kayaking on Alum Creek
  • Holy Chicken Opens for Morgan Spurlock Documentary
  • Spring Gardening Collection
  • Cicadas may return to parts of Ohio
  • Great time for tomatoes
  • Young girl on a bicycle rides along a rough country road shrouded with trees and shadows.
    Teen girl on bicycle on country road
  • Bee hives wrapped against winter cold.
    Beehives protected in winter
  • Westerville named Number One suburb in America
  • Ohio corn crop best in years
    Ohio corn, apple, and peach harvests may be best in years
  • Tree trimmer navigates way through silver maple
    Trimming trash trees for safety and beauty
  • Traffic engineers studies traffic flow
    Measuring traffic patterns for street closings
  • Cattle eating from trough in field
    Cattle feed in September heat
  • Police officers clean motorcycles after Cops and Kids Day
    Police clean motorcycles
  • Spearmint growing wild along the fcnceline of an abandoned farm.
    Wild spearmint along the edge of an abandoned farm
  • Kayaker navigates in late afternoon sun on Hoover Reservoir
    Late summer's eve on Hoover Reservoir
  • An elderly man stands in the doorway of his son's home where he now lives after his wife died and his health declined.
    Elderly care at home
  • Sam Bigham loads hay onto a trailer
    Last working farm in the city
  • Eating raw corn from local farmers market
  • First customer at Westerville Walmart
    Walmart opens after 10 year controversy
  • No Chemicals and No GMO signage at farmers market
    Non-GMO more prominent at farmers markets
  • Worker repairs and replaces flashing on a new roof
    Roof repairs under cloudy skies
  • Apple orchards require vigorous pruning for a rich crop
  • Red and green peppers for sale at farmers market
    Vegetables ready for spring and summer seasons
  • Blackberry seasonal picking begins in early spring
  • Westerville Crew Regatta at Hoover Reservoir
    Westerville Crew Regatta in early morning
  • bushel basket with vegetables
    Farmers market bushel basket of vegetables
  • Walmart construction
    Walmart construction continues at Westerville shopping center
  • soybean crop
    Soybean crop ripens
  • hoover-flowers-fall
    Ohio wildflowers
  • pears
    Free pears
  • early-voting
    Ohio early voting begins
  • prom-inniswood
    Another high school homecoming
  • fourth-friday-male-dancers
    Dancers on display at Fourth Friday Festival

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