• Vegetables sold by a single farmer at the farmers market in Uptown Westerville.
    Fresh Vegetables At Farmers Market
  • Spring Gardening Collection
  • Great time for tomatoes
  • Bee hives wrapped against winter cold.
    Beehives protected in winter
  • Ohio corn crop best in years
    Ohio corn, apple, and peach harvests may be best in years
  • Cattle eating from trough in field
    Cattle feed in September heat
  • Spearmint growing wild along the fcnceline of an abandoned farm.
    Wild spearmint along the edge of an abandoned farm
  • Sam Bigham loads hay onto a trailer
    Last working farm in the city
  • Eating raw corn from local farmers market
  • No Chemicals and No GMO signage at farmers market
    Non-GMO more prominent at farmers markets
  • Apple orchards require vigorous pruning for a rich crop
  • Red and green peppers for sale at farmers market
    Vegetables ready for spring and summer seasons
  • bushel basket with vegetables
    Farmers market bushel basket of vegetables
  • soybean crop
    Soybean crop ripens
  • apples at farmers market
    Apple crop's variety on display at farmers markets

Agriculture photos from Ohio farmers.

Includes corn, soybean, truck crops, farmers market, roadside markets, fruits, vegetables, cattle, and chickens.

Agriculture Stock – Images by SmallTown Stock

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