• Young girl on a bicycle rides along a rough country road shrouded with trees and shadows.
    Teen girl on bicycle on country road
  • Police officers clean motorcycles after Cops and Kids Day
    Police clean motorcycles
  • Kayaker navigates in late afternoon sun on Hoover Reservoir
    Late summer's eve on Hoover Reservoir
  • An elderly man stands in the doorway of his son's home where he now lives after his wife died and his health declined.
    Elderly care at home
  • fourth-friday-male-dancers
    Dancers on display at Fourth Friday Festival
  • wshs-baseball-players
    Off-season baseball practice keeps players healthy and active
  • otterbein-parade
    Otterbein Homecoming parade and festivities
  • corn-market
    Fresh corn crop continues at farmers markets
  • baseball-clouds
    Summer Youth baseball coming to an end
  • homecoming
    Homecoming photos in the park
  • 911-heroes-run-marines
    Lima Company Marines complete Travis Manion 9/11 Heroes Run 5K
  • boy carries flags for bridge cecoration for 5k run
    Flags for 9/11 5K run
  • bee-hive-honey
    Fresh honey from the hive
  • otterbein-orientation
    First-year dormitory students get aquainted
  • alum-creek-fishing-father-kids
    Family fishing along Alum Creek

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